Congratulations to BCO John Swangstue for being awarded a Star of Quality! The MIN Agency nominated John for this award after he helped our agency when we were in a tough spot.

Every year we have two BCOs run a products display show. This year, one of the BCOs had a family emergency and was unable to make one of destinations. Remembering a past conversation regarding the show, our Operations Manager Renetta placed a call to John.  He didn’t even hesitate to offer his assistance, and we received nothing but praise on the professional manner in which he conducted himself while working.

Renetta writes, “I, myself, was impressed not only at his willingness to help us out, but a fellow BCO who had suffered a serious loss. He kept a sad situation from becoming a serious service failure and did it with style. I would highly recommend John to any agent who has those specialty loads needing the most professional and personal touch. He is the definition of Star Quality.”

Thank you, John. We look forward to working with you in the future.


2015-10-20 11:13:15