Chris Grimshaw and the MIN Truck Beauty Contest were featured on page 5 of the latest issue of the Landstar Link.

Congratulations to Landstar BCO Christopher Grimshaw, winner of the MIN agency's annual Truck Beauty Contest. 

Grimshaw is the latest Landstar BCO selected to be feautred on the MIN agency's annual mouse pad calendar. His 2007 Peterbilt was selected from 58 entries in competition to be on the mouse pad for 2016.

Bestway, Inc,. the MIN agency, uses the mousepad as a way to keep their business and the Landstar brand on the minds of their customers. This is the 5th year the agency's held the mousepad truck beauty contest.

Grimshaw leased on with Landstar in 2009 and is a 6 year safe driver.

2015-10-27 11:26:17