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2017 Truck Beauty Contest

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2017-06-15 18:58:12

2016 Truck Beauty Contest

Landstar BCOs—

We are now accepting pictures for our sixth annual Truck Beauty Contest.

Truck Beauty Contest  Driver  BCO

2016-05-25 10:18:52

BCO Note

Our dedication to providing excellent service isn't limited to our customers. Below is a note that Landstar BCO Ian F. wrote to our office:

"I would like to say thank you to Steve for his absolute professionalism, attention to detail, and creating a great relationship with my business. I feel he's a vital part of the MIN team! I look forward to our continued friendship."

Thank you for the kind words, Ian!

Driver  BCO

2016-03-15 11:41:42

Landstar Link Feature

Chris Grimshaw and the MIN Truck Beauty Contest were featured on page 5 of the latest issue of the Landstar Link.

Truck Beauty Contest  Landstar Link  Driver  BCO

2015-10-27 11:26:17

BCO Star of Quality Award

Congratulations to BCO John Swangstue for being awarded a Star of Quality! The MIN Agency nominated John for this award after he helped our agency when we were in a tough spot.

Star of Quality Award  Driver  Award

2015-10-20 11:13:15

2015 Truck Beauty Contest Winner

Congratulations to Landstar BCO Chris Grimshaw, the winner of our 2015 Truck Beauty Contest. Chris has been with Landstar since 2009 and earned his 6 year Safe Driver award this year. Chris's winning picture will be featured on our 2016 MIN Agency Mousepad.

Truck Beauty Contest  Driver  BCO

2015-10-08 17:27:00

National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week

Last week was National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week.  Started in 1998 by The American Trucking Association, National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week honors over three million truck drivers and the hard work they perform on a daily basis.  These men and women drive for the American Dream—not just theirs, but ours.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to have the commodities we have grown accustomed to daily.

Often times, truck drivers are taken for granted. We think of them as the truck, not the individual person hauling our freight.  We expect immediate results without taking a moment to consider fueling, lunchtime, or the families they leave behind.  We take for granted these daily sacrifices that are made.

We shouldn’t wait for National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week to thank these drivers.  We can, should, and will thank them on a regular basis for their dedication and hard work.  We challenge you to do the same so that every week can be an appreciation week.

Driver  BCO  Appreciation

2015-09-21 11:05:05

2015 Truck Beauty Contest

Truck Beauty Contest  Driver  BCO

2015-08-03 11:03:52

Star of Quality Award

Congratulations to John Crawford—unit 415754—for receiving the Star Quality Award.

We at the MIN Agency nominated John for this special award. His dedication clearly shows that he goes above and beyond what is expected. Thank you John for all you do and certainly being part of the Landstar Team. We appreciate your dedication!

Greg Nelson of Landstar noted “John, Landstar appreciates your commitment to our values of safety and service excellence. Thank you for a job well done; keep up the good work, and please continue to drive safely.”

Star of Quality  Driver  Award

2015-04-10 10:39:26