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2019 Truck Beauty Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kody and Edie Giacomo for winning the MIN Agency's ninth annual Truck Beauty Contest! The Giacomo's truck will be featured on our agency's 2020 mousepad calendar. Kody and Edie are team drivers who leased to Landstar in 2004. Kody is a Million Mile Safe Driver and Roadstar BCO.

The Giacomo's winning photograph:

Truck Beauty Contest  BCO

2019-11-21 21:08:49

2018 Truck Beauty Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Jimmy Guiste, the winner of this year's truck beauty contest! Jimmy's winning photograph will be featured on the Landstar MIN Agency's 2019 Mousepad Calendar. 

Jimmy's winning photograph:

Truck Beauty Contest  BCO

2018-11-08 17:09:02

2018 Truck Beauty Contest

BCOs-- Enter your truck into this year's Truck Beauty Contest for a chance to be featured on the 2019 MIN Agency Mousepad Calendar.

Truck Beauty Contest  BCO

2018-08-27 19:03:06

2017 Truck Beauty Contest Details

This year the MIN Agency is hosting their 7th Truck Beauty Contest. The winner of the contest gets their winning photo featured on our 2018 calendar. This calendar gets sent out to customers, Landstar corporate, and fellow BCOs. Enter your truck for a chance to win bragging rights and truck recognition amongst the industry!

Truck Beauty Contest  BCO

2017-08-18 17:06:46

2016 Truck Beauty Winner Announced

The winner of this year’s Truck Beauty Contest is Lori Franklin!

Truck Beauty Contest  BCO

2016-10-13 10:49:30

2016 Truck Beauty Contest

Landstar BCOs—

We are now accepting pictures for our sixth annual Truck Beauty Contest.

Truck Beauty Contest  Driver  BCO

2016-05-25 10:18:52

Landstar Link Feature

Chris Grimshaw and the MIN Truck Beauty Contest were featured on page 5 of the latest issue of the Landstar Link.

Truck Beauty Contest  Landstar Link  Driver  BCO

2015-10-27 11:26:17

2015 Truck Beauty Contest Winner

Congratulations to Landstar BCO Chris Grimshaw, the winner of our 2015 Truck Beauty Contest. Chris has been with Landstar since 2009 and earned his 6 year Safe Driver award this year. Chris's winning picture will be featured on our 2016 MIN Agency Mousepad.

Truck Beauty Contest  Driver  BCO

2015-10-08 17:27:00

2015 Truck Beauty Contest

Truck Beauty Contest  Driver  BCO

2015-08-03 11:03:52