Landstar BCOs—

We are now accepting pictures for our sixth annual Truck Beauty Contest.

The winner will be featured on the 2017 MIN Agency mousepad calendar, which is issued out to customers to keep the Landstar brand on the mind.

Last year’s winner was Chris Grimshaw. To see the 2016 mousepad, please click here to view the previous blog post.

Here are some contest tips to get your picture in the top percentile:

  1. Clean your truck prior to taking your photo.
  2. Only send in high resolution pictures. See the flyer for details.
  3. Pay attention to what is in the background. A background can add or subtract from a good truck picture.
  4. Leave some margin space for the mousepad process. When in doubt, zoom out slightly.
  5. Make your photo unique! Change up the perspective of the photo or angle your truck/trailer.
  6. Include the Landstar logo or name in the photo.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your truck photos!


2016-05-25 10:18:52