The winner of this year’s Truck Beauty Contest is Lori Franklin!

Lori leased on with Landstar in 1996 as a team driver. Shortly after, she purchased her first truck and began as a solo driver. She has been driving 35 years professionally, is AE qualified, and has pulled oversized loads.

Lori is very proud to be pulling for Landstar and her achievements she has accomplished with Landstar. She plans on being with the company for many more years.

Lori’s Peterbilt “Lady in Red” will be featured on MIN Agency’s 2017 Mousepad Calendar and the 2017 Bestway Repair Shop’s Mousepad Calendar. Congratulations Lori!

Full length photo will be featured on the MIN Agency's 2017 Mousepad Calendar.

Close up picture will be featured on the Bestway Repair Shop's 2017 Mousepad Calendar.

Check out Lori in the next issue of the Landstar Sucess magazine. She was the Best in Show winner of the Inaugural "Take Pride in Your Ride" truck show that was held in June at Midwest Truck and Equipment in Brookville, OH.

2016-10-13 10:49:30