Last week was National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week.  Started in 1998 by The American Trucking Association, National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week honors over three million truck drivers and the hard work they perform on a daily basis.  These men and women drive for the American Dream—not just theirs, but ours.  Without them, we wouldn’t be able to have the commodities we have grown accustomed to daily.

Often times, truck drivers are taken for granted. We think of them as the truck, not the individual person hauling our freight.  We expect immediate results without taking a moment to consider fueling, lunchtime, or the families they leave behind.  We take for granted these daily sacrifices that are made.

We shouldn’t wait for National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week to thank these drivers.  We can, should, and will thank them on a regular basis for their dedication and hard work.  We challenge you to do the same so that every week can be an appreciation week.

2015-09-21 11:05:05